I am not a photographer. I just own a camera and use it. I have been to myself and back. And I’m heading the same way again. I do not take photos. I make them. I do not manipulate them. I make them. Thank you for showing interest. Please leave a note if you may.

‘I am worse at what I do best.’ – Kurt Cobain


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  1. hey man i loved your work, it’s a nice feeling to know that some people are still using film after all, specially here where you mention that and people look at you like you’re talking quantum physics haha. anyway i just wanted to ask you, where do you get your film developed? i have a few 35mm and 120mm film i’d like to print but couldnt find a place. thanks!

    • At Salaam Department Store, Wafi City Mall, Dubai they have Ilford 120 film. All BW. Just Google for details how to get there and what is their telephone number. Also, the last time I was there in Dubai, there is a Kodak shop near the Financial Centre Metro Station. They do have color and slide 120 films. Cheers!

      • Thank you so much! i ordered a 120mm lomography camera without checking to see if the film was available in dubai. Good to know that it is 🙂

  2. Joe, there is a photography group in Dubai who have members who still love film photography (rangefinders and TLRs, medium format) – check them on Facebook search for “Street Photography Dubai” I personally know many of the regulars there. Cheers!

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