Father and Child

“When President Fidel V. Ramos, during his term in the mid-1990s, shut down the decades-old garbage dumpsite called “Smokey Mountain,” concerns were raised on how to alleviate the lives of hundreds of scavenger-families living inside and around the notorious mountain trash heap.

The plan was to turn the hellish site into a residential paradise for former garbage scavengers. So, while several concrete mid-rise apartment buildings were being built over the old Smokey Mountain — the National Housing Authority built several buildings made of low-cost materials to “temporarily house” the former Smokey Mountain dwellers.

Thus, “Temporary” was born. It has been two decades now since the “temporary housing site” was built; the residential buildings are now dilapidated and structurally hazardous, the number of residents have doubled!

A deteriorating, highly congested “refugee camp” surrounded by mini garbage dumpsites — “Temporary” is now also known as “Happyland” — a name derived a local dialects name for smelly garbage: Hapilan.”

Source of text: Wikimapia

(c) 2008


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